Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gay marriage is not the cure

Dr. David van Gend

Here is a link to an excellent article by my old GP. David defends the claim made by Jim Wallace that Homosexual men have a 20+ year shorter lifespan than heterosexual men, and cites recent research and evidence and findings which has been published in peer reviewed literature over only the last few years. Wallace DID NOT bend the facts with 30 year old data as LGBT activists claimed.

David also then looks at the argument that is being put forward by homosexual activists that the high rate of suicide and depression among Homosexuals is the fault of a "homophobic" society. He looks at the clinical evidence provided by researchers and argues that we need to take seriously the findings of serious researchers who state "the relationship between the legalisation of marriage and GLBTIQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer) youth health and wellbeing is more complex and it is important not to assume that legislative amendment leads directly by itself to a reduction in youth suicidality."

This article is well worth the read..
Gay marriage is not the cure – David van Gend | Australian Christian Lobby

Then DO SOMETHING about it.

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