Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Cost of Global Warming

I found a site that helped me put the enormity of the Global Warming crisis in to context… I suggest you take a look.


A Complete List of Things Caused by Global Warming


It is chilling to think that the 0.006 degree Celsius per year increase in temperature will make billions homeless, cause beer to become simultaneously better and worse, cause cancer, drive crocodiles from the water, cause jellyfish to explode (read it how you want),  wreck the US Masters Golf tournament, and then there are the poor old Polar Bears… If they survive the earthquakes and the planet slowing down and spinning faster at the same time then they will and will not face extinction (along with apes, cod and the smallest butterfly), then they will have fewer cubs, go deaf, turn to cannibalism and drown. No wonder they are going to become aggressive.


The only thing I know is, it is going to cost a lot more to survive once they bring the carbon tax in. Maybe that is what will make us homeless?

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