Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'll take God's Chihuahuas over the Black Sheep Dog Any Day!

Take a look at this…

This is a great parody of the hypocrisy of Fr John Corapi. I feel for him facing the accusations he has, I believe him when he says they are totally unfounded, but I have absolutely no respect for his decision to leave the priesthood.

His decision to leave the priesthood is offensive to all faithful Catholics who have ever had to struggle through difficult times in their marriage, or put up with the persecutions and humiliations doled out by heretical Bishops such as the patron of this site and their modernist clergy. He can no more leave the priesthood than I can stop being the father of my children. I pray for him that when his head stops spinning it is facing the front once again (and he has gotten rid of that ridiculous dye in his beard), and encourage you to pray for him too.

Sadly I believe that he will discover fairly quickly that most of those people who were willing to pay to hear him preach were not interested in him so much as Christ. John Corapi has little to offer the world, whereas Fr Corapi had Christ.

He could confect the Eucharist for God’s sake. Who in their right mind, or state of grace, would walk away from that?


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